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Chills, Peace & Simplicity

Something about the air was chilly today...I don't mean temperature wise but rather a feeling of hollowness that gives you the chills. Waves of sadness kept barging in me and those around me uncontrollably. We kept trying to hide it with bursts of happiness, positivity and without having a care but nonetheless the feeling kept coming back. This winter weather does something to you. Perhaps it is the rain from yesterday, something is in the air. Perhaps, it is the political state of what is currently happening in this world (Jerusalem being declared capital of Israel), something is in the air. I think it is the sadness that we as humanity have come to be in Our World. If you pause and really think about it, you will feel it. Nonetheless, I think it is a good thing to feel this way. We are connecting. We are reaching into our deeper selves and feeling our human nature. Basic instincts that were once all we had. Back to a time where there were limited factors, societies, opinions
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There's a stink in the air but I just don't care

How can the world progress when we constantly are living in a world where you have to watch your back, a world that hurts others, where individuals have forgotten the true reward of doing good. Good can be as simple as providing a helping hand, giving support, showing someone you care, working a bit harder with no reward, no motive but simply doing what you believe is morally right. It is about sending positive energy out into this world, even when a lot of what you are receiving is negative. There are places in this world that just plainly have more negative energy than other places. Such places emit a cluster of negative power that is provoked by envy, competition, titles, attention, insecurities, lack of confidence and a deprivation for a drive to do good. This could be brought on by the increasing problems people are facing but how each individual deals with each situation makes all the difference. How can this world progress if there is so much hate, ignorance, and negativity?

A Blast from the Ninties - 90ies Candy

So this is a continuation from a previous post titled: A Blast from the Nineties - 90ies Toys, Games & Gadgets But this time I'm focusing on candy. Take a look and I hope to take you back to some good old memories. Ouch Gum: Push Pops: Candy Cigarettes: Big Foot: Lollipop Rings: Bubble Jug Gum: Those tiny chiclets: Candy necklaces and bracelets: Pez: I used to love these Fun Dibs (old branding):

Always Comparing Yourself - For the Better or for the Worse?

When you meet someone or interact with someone you unconsciously start realizing things about them that are perhaps missing from yourself. It could be something you want, something you are glad you don't have--but in any case your mind starts comparing whether you are aware of it or not. Now you can meet someone that is doing better than you and start thinking what am I doing wrong, why is that not me? Perhaps you automatically start belittling yourself. Now how you move forward with such thoughts is completely up to you but do realize one thing--you can use such thoughts as motivation to become better or you can get sad, feel sorry for yourself and therefore demotivate yourself from doing anything well! How should you look at "better-than-you" people? Well, I suggest you tell yourself to realize what exactly is good about that person's quality and then ask yourself "if I had this quality would it benefit me?" If your answer is yes, then ask yourself &q

A Blast from the Nineties - 90ies Toys, Games & Gadgets

I'm not sure if it's me getting older or if life is just changing quickly (maybe it's both) but taking a trip down to memory lane to remember some toys, shows, food, and anything we interacted with in the nineties feels good. So for that reason I'm going to write a series of posts covering a few things. This one will be about things we played with and used. Take a look and I'm sure you will be sharing my feelings of saying "aaaw" and "I remember that" to a few items and then perhaps start thinking of how things have changed so much and whether or not it's a good or bad thing. Just think, how was your life before your first smart phone? That alone, I think, was a big step in how our lives changed. So here you go, I'll start out with a mobile phone. Mobile Phones Tamagotchi I would still play with one of these if I can find one Etch-A-Sketch I used to spend hours on this. I kept thinking I would be able to draw something